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The mission of Friends For Pegasus is to restore and transform one horse at a time. Phase I of training restores a selected equine to physical and mental wellness. Phase II continues the training past the restoration stage into the transformation stage. We are committed to inspiring and informing people about the power and beauty of a horse living up to its full potential. The process of transformation will be documented and serve as educational material for the public. The "magic" that can be achieved through a responsible and systematic training program along with a comprehensive team of compassionate caregivers means one less horse returning to the auction or slaughterhouse, one more horse on its way to a happy and productive life. Horses will then be eligible for adoption, and thus will promote empirically validated and compassionate classical training methods.
Our goals:
1. To provide comprehensive care and an effective training program to restore and transform the horse to increase its adoptability
2. To inspire humans through the change in the horses as they progress through the program
3. To prepare educational materials for the public and the international equine community
4. To promote the concept of molecular equitation, which is the scientific study of the interplay of mechanisms put in motion when humans and horses meet, communicate, and interact.



Dr. Maria Katsamanis / Founder of Friends For Pegasus

Dr. Maria Katsamanis is the Founder of Friends For Pegasus, a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization. Dr. Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as an accomplished equestrian, exhibition rider, author, and horse trainer. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Her equine background demonstrates a commitment to equine wellness and to education. Maria is coauthor of the book "The Alchemy of Lightness," which introduced the concept of molecular equitation to the equestrian community. She pioneered an elective course at Rutgers Medical School using horses to teach medical students bedside manners. Maria continues to maintain an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School. She is also a co-founder of Spring Reins of Hope, an equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning organization. She is, however, best known for her work in transforming horses, regardless of breed, creating miracles one horse at a time.
Maria maintains an active training barn for horse and human alike in Ringoes, New Jersey, at Amwell Ridge Farm. She and her Marwari stallion, Bahadurshah, pictured here, champion equine wellness around the world. To learn more about Maria, her training methods, and her philosophy, click here .


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