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Funds from Friends For Pegasus will also be allocated to produce educational seminars and workshops held throughout the year highlighting the step-by-step progress of horses enrolled in the program. Funding will also allow for the production of visual educational materials that will systematically document the changes in and progress of each horse. These materials will inspire and educate the public about compassionate and ethical training practices. In 2011, "Equitation in the French Tradition" was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Representative List. It was determined that out of 106 training practices, methods from the French classical tradition were humane and took into account both the physical and mental wellness of the horse. We hope to promote classical training methods, coupled with new advancements in training, to the general public and the international equestrian community.





The Education Process

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Our goal is to provide step-by-step education of each horse accepted into the program and to document the development of each horse from A to Z. Our multidisciplinary team will create comprehensive educational materials on nutrition, veterinary and hoof care, and training for the general public and the international equestrian community. Our mission is to demonstrate the use of compassionate and empirically validated training practices that address the physical and mental issues initially exhibited by the horses selected. The horse's transformation into a masterpiece, into a sound and viable companion, will inspire and instill hope in those interested in adopting a horse. Horses accepted into the program will be evaluated by a veterinarian, and selected based on their probability of recovery from physical injury. Appropriate candidates include horses from an auction house, abandoned horses, or sport horses that are no longer deemed usable for their chosen sport.

The Makeover Process

Horses selected will undergo a complete makeover. Phase I is the restoration phase: recovery from injury, reaching appropriate weight, and achieving mental and physical health. Phase II is the transformation stage. The "dancer" that emerges will be comfortable in his time with a human and demonstrate how principles of classical horsemanship, when applied compassionately and appropriately, can create the ultimate masterpiece. These changes in the horse will be documented step-by-step. We believe that every horse deserves a second chance and can become an elegant and viable partner. Learn more about making a pledge to a horse, receive monthly updates on the progress of your chosen horse, and be part of the magic.



The Adoption Process

Many equine adoptions end up as unfulfilling relationships, often marked by a riding incident that leads to the horse being passed around and ultimately going back to an auction, or worse. Our goal is to ensure that the horses we help will be reliable riding companions. We conscientiously prepare new adoptees to ensure the horse's physical and mental health. For us, each horse is a unique masterpiece. Adoption applications will be reviewed by the Board to select an ideal human candidate who wishes to grow and learn together with his or her new equine partner. Adoption criteria and applications can be forwarded to interested persons upon request.

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